Whence did the “Law of Attraction” emerge?

Here’s a fascinating and easy-to-understand breakdown on esoteric metaphysics and its odd path to modern day cult.The Secret Source is enhanced by striking visuals largely taken from rare sources housed at The Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles.

The new clothbound edition of The Secret Source includes a new chapter highlighting The Law of Attraction as promoted by secret societies through the ages, including Albert Pike for Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and new images from the fraternal brotherhoods.

“Picking up where Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret left off, coauthors D’Aoust (lecturer, Philosophical Research Soc.) and Parfrey (Cult Rapture: Revelations of the Apocalyptic Mind) explain how believers and visionaries from a variety of teachings have improved their well-being using mental powers. They guide readers through several Hermetic teachings, shed light on the New Thought spiritual movement, explain how the Christ mythos and Jewish kabbalistic texts borrowed from the Hermetic tradition, and reveal how many of today’s get-rich-quick schemes have roots in Hermetic laws. While not for everyone, this book provides an unbiased view of the teachings of secret societies and will interest many patrons. Recommended for all libraries.” —Library Journal

“In The Secret Source, authors Maja D’Aoust and Adam Parfrey break down the ancient Hermetic teachings that have led to the recent outbreak of self-help ideas and schools of New Thought that are taking over the gullible masses. Though the subject matter is at times a little deep and the philosophies can be somewhat esoteric, the authors have done a good job of laying everything out in terms that are understandable without being dumbed down. I highly suggest that you make this book your next selection.” Elizabeth Headrick, Book Fetish