This new edition has new information in response to the country’s current economic crisis, including additional, extensive information on food storage and foraging and a new chapter on preparedness and self-protection in times of civil unrest.

PREPAREDNESS NOW! is the first comprehensive planning and action guide for urbanites and suburbanites who want to live more self-sufficiently and learn how to wisely provide for themselves and their loved ones in the face of any emergency or disaster.

This book empowers individuals and communities to take care of themselves and each other in the face of any emergency and build more sustainable lifestyles along the way. Packed with checklists, resources, and step-by-step instructions, PREPAREDNESS NOW! has everything from home, office and car preparedness to information on Buckminster Fuller and building disaster-resistant geodesic domes.

PREPAREDNESS NOW! is written by one of the most experienced experts in the field. Author Aton Edwards is Executive Director of the NYC-based non-profit organization, International Preparedness Network (IPN). IPN has worked with the Red Cross, Center for Disease Control, New York City Police Department, and other organizations to train thousands domestically and overseas to prevent and respond to emergencies and disasters.

PREPAREDNESS NOW! provides years of wisdom gained from Edwards’ first-hand experience and the experience of his extensive network of colleagues. You will learn basic and advanced techniques that will help you make the most informed choices for your own disaster plan–wherever you may live, and whatever your physical abilities and financial means.

This manual delivers practical advice on:

  • Building your emergency kits for home, car and office
  • Water Quality Control and Storage
  • Emergency Shelter, Power, Lighting and Heating
  • Emergency Transportation, Communications and Evacuation
  • Extreme weather preparedness
  • Chemical, Biowarfare and Nuclear Preparedness
  • Defense against Infectious Diseases
  • Personal Defense and Crime Prevention for the 21st Century Home

Process’ Self-Reliance Series is created to help urbanites make smart choices to live sustainably and self-sufficiently in the 21st century.

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“It’s a great thing that we have Aton Edwards to help inform and prepare the public.”Richard Preston, author of The Hot Zone

“Aton’s work is tremendously important. What we need to do for the next round is to get ourselves prepared. This can help us get it done. How can we afford to have so many adults that aren’t prepared to face anything?”Chuck D., author, musician, and host of “On the Real”

“As good or better than any operator I’ve worked with in my years with the special forces in Viet Nam. If he can’t make us safer, no one can.”Richard Muldrow, US Army and Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM-Ret.)