When the British director Holly Elson approached us regarding a documentary she was making about the remarkable composer, poet, instrument creator and homeless blind man Moondog, I thought great, I’d love to see such a film. After all, we had published, through Process Media, Robert Scotto’s biography of the man, complete with Philip Glass’ Preface about his time living with and playing music with the man.

Ms. Elson delighted me the last couple years with reports on the amazing footage she secured for the documentary. Now she’s trying to complete the project, and finance it through Kickstarter. There’s not much time left until the Kickstarter deadline. I have contributed my own money, and if any Process Media or Feral House readers are fans of Moondog, here’s your chance to help out this project.


Here are the links:




Twitter: @MoondogMovie 

Process Media book Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue