Depression 2.0

Creative Strategies for Tough Economic Times

depression 2 0
  • $16.95

Depression 2.0 is a practical, empowering, hands-on guide to persevering and even thriving in the event of an economic crisis. Placing particular emphasis on self-sufficiency, community-building, and personal resilience, this timely, informative book offers a hopeful way forward in a time of great uncertainty. Bankruptcy, barter, and survival investing are just a few of the important topics explored.

Get Your Pitchfork On!

The Real Dirt on Country Living

Get Your Pitchfork On
  • $19.95

For hard-working urban professionals Kristy Athens and husband Michael, living in the country was a romantic dream. After purchasing seven acres in Washington’s beautiful Columbia River Gorge, Athens and her husband were surprised to learn just how challenging rural life could be. Get Your Pitchfork On! provides the hard-learned nuts-and-bolts of rural living from city folk who were in over their heads. […]

Getting Out

Your Guide to Leaving America (Updated and Expanded Edition)

  • $19.95

One of the most popular titles in Process’ Self-Reliance series, Getting Out is a smartly designed and easy-to-navigate compendium about your best options for a new homeland, and how to navigate a myriad of hurdles before and after you get there.

Preparedness Now!

An Emergency Survival Guide
Expanded and Revised Edition

Preparedness Now
  • $16.95

PREPAREDNESS NOW! is the first comprehensive planning and action guide for urbanites and suburbanites who want to live more self-sufficiently and learn how to wisely provide for themselves and their loved ones in the face of any emergency or disaster.

Raw Magic

Super Foods for Super People

  • $22.95

There are some foods that have the power to change your life. There are certain foods that when you eat them, your body is in heaven, your cells start singing, your mind becomes ecstatic. “Yes,” they cry in unison, “Yes, these are the foods that I have been waiting for. These are the foods that […]

Shamanic Gardening

Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden

  • $19.95

Brings sustainable ancient, indigenous, and traditional gardening techniques, history, and mythology to modern permaculture. Shamanic Gardening contains a cultural history of sustainable gardening, including techniques used by  Cleopatra, the Japanese, The Pueblo Indians, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many others. Learn to design an elegant, edible, sustainable landscape, grow healing herbs, extract flower essences, grow aphrodisiacs, and […]

The Modern Utopian

Alternative Communities of the '60s and '70s

Modern Utopian
  • $19.95

Back to the Land. Urban communes. Sustainable cooperatives. Thirty years ago, alternative communities swept the nation. Today, with sustainability, peak oil and retirement concerns, people of all ages are reviving and expanding notions of cooperative living as new communities form and thrive.

The Natural Kitchen

Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution

The Natural Kitchen
  • $17.95

This quietly revolutionary guidebook picks up where the bestselling Process Self-reliance series’ The Urban Homestead left off and brings us into the kitchen, where the daily choices we make involving food have a profound impact both on our lives and the world at large.

The Urban Homestead

Self-Sufficient Living in the City (Expanded and Revised Edition)

Urban Homestead
  • $17.95

This celebrated, essential handbook for the urban homesteading movement shows how to grow and preserve your own food, clean your house without toxins, raise chickens, gain energy independence, and more. Step-by-step projects, tips, and anecdotes will help get you started homesteading immediately. The Urban Homestead is also a guidebook to the larger movement and will point you to the best books and internet resources on self-sufficiency topics.

When There Is No Doctor

Preventive and Emergency Healthcare in Uncertain Times

When There Is No Doctor
  • $16.95

The fifth title in Process’ Self-Reliance series demystifies medical practices with a practical approach to 21st Century health and home medicine, particularly helpful for stressful moments in a financial downturn. When There Is No Doctor is smartly designed and full of medical tips and emergency suggestions. It should be no further than an arm’s reach […]