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My Carrot has a Monocle and Top Hat


I do wonder at times why I find planting and tending vegetables so satisfying. Of course, there’s the psychological virtues of having one’s hands in the soil, the feeling of groundedness, and all that. If I refer to the bible I discover that Genesis has verses about the barren Rachel becoming pregnant as the result […]

The Amazing Alejandro Jodorowsky


Jodorowsky’s Dune, the new and great documentary, reveals how one man galvanized other geniuses to dream and think larger, put down everything else in their lives, and join forces with him to create the kind of film meant to change everybody’s life in the manner of a psychedelic experience. Alejandro Jodorowsky and his fellow “spiritual warriors” never […]

Mutant Bible


One of the best things about living in freaky, chaotic Hollywood for a month or two is being able to visit Amoeba Music. Today I leafed through the LPs in the Spoken Word and Christian LPs areas. What a gas. In the Spoken Word section I found several Caedmon LPs. Caedmon was the British firm that […]

Process Media & Feral House Lupercalia Party!

Feral House& Process Media Lupercalia Party

Celebrate Wolves, Yé-Yé Girls, Witches, Feral House & Process Media! It’s a full moon on Saturday, February 15, the day celebrating the Roman wolf festival Lupercalia. It’s also the perfect night to celebrate Feral House’s new Yé-Yé Girls of ‘60s French Pop book, and Feral House and Process Media’s releases for the new year. The lovely white witch […]

A sneak peak at Hashish!

Hashish Book Photo 1

We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming release of Hashish the Lost Legend: The First English Translation of a Great Oriental Romance! Read more about this beautiful book HERE.



Our sister press Feral House has released their highly anticipated Yé Yé Girls of 60?s French Pop, and on Thursday, January 9th from 7pm-on we are celebrating with a release party at Molasses Books in NYC! A few authorities on the genre will be spinning great/rare Yé Yé cuts all night and you can score a discounted copy of the book. Bonus points […]



For One More Week Hey Process Media and Feral House readers and supporters, Thank you for continuing to support our production of anomalist information. As 2013 crawls towards the grave we wanted to remind you of our holiday sales going on. Until Friday January 3rd you can get three Feral House or Process Media titles […]


37,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth

2014 is nearly upon us, and for the first time this Winter, snow covers the ground, muffling all sound. Our dog Loki excitedly rolls himself in the powder; there’s nothing he loves more. We have a view of the sea where the Juan de Fuca Strait runs into Puget Sound, and many islands, both American […]

Announcing our Spring 2014 titles!

POP cover

PROCESS MEDIA: Pacific Ocean Park By: Christopher Merritt and Domenic Priore Southern California attractions faced stiff competition in 1958 when Pacific Ocean Park was built in Venice, once called “The Coney Island of the West.”  P.O.P. delivered a fantastical futuristic-themed amusement park in Los Angeles’ ’50s/’60s heyday. Before the huge attraction was razed and burned […]

Lucky Me

from a Nietzsche-influenced photo collage from Exit issue 2 by Adam Parfrey

When my delightful Process workmates appeared at our offices last week for days of meetings regarding future titles, I both felt lucky and happy. I think the New Age word is “gratitude.” Yes, I’m grateful for the ability to have published 160-200 books in my life, and before that a newsprint magazine (Idea) and also […]