Magic & Mysticism


Hashish The Lost Legend

The First English Translation of a Great Oriental Romance

  • $65.00

NOTE: Limited Supply. Only ONE COPY PER CUSTOMER. To inquire about additional copies please contact the publisher directly. Here is a lost illustrated masterpiece, a book so rare and sought-after that only two copies can be found in world libraries. For the first time this classic work on a forgotten Arabian legend has been translated […]

Raw Magic

Super Foods for Super People

  • $22.95

There are some foods that have the power to change your life. There are certain foods that when you eat them, your body is in heaven, your cells start singing, your mind becomes ecstatic. “Yes,” they cry in unison, “Yes, these are the foods that I have been waiting for. These are the foods that […]

Rise and Shine

Awaken your Energy Body
with Taoist Alchemy and Qi Gong

  • $17.95

Millions of Americans are joining a holistic health revolution in which yoga, natural foods, and traditional Chinese medicine are providing potent healing alternatives to costly and often debilitating prescriptions of surgery and pharmacology. As a renowned acupuncturist, master herbalist, wellness consultant and lifelong student of various alchemical traditions, Pedram Shojai is the first author to […]

Shamanic Gardening

Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden

  • $19.95

Brings sustainable ancient, indigenous, and traditional gardening techniques, history, and mythology to modern permaculture. Shamanic Gardening contains a cultural history of sustainable gardening, including techniques used by  Cleopatra, the Japanese, The Pueblo Indians, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many others. Learn to design an elegant, edible, sustainable landscape, grow healing herbs, extract flower essences, grow aphrodisiacs, and […]

The End Is Near!

Visions of Apocalypse, Millennium and Utopia

The End is Near
  • $29.95

An award-winning, classic volume of apocalyptic and utopian visionary art, with artist biographies and essays by Stephen Jay Gould, Reverend Howard Finster, Adam Parfrey, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The Nero Prediction

A Novel

The Nero Prediction
  • $25.00

Process presents a new kind of historical fiction. Author Humphry Knipe reconsiders one of the most despised leaders of ancient Rome. Was Nero the Antichrist who “fiddled” while Rome burnt, or an artistic genius trapped inside a Caesar? In an age where destiny is encoded in the stars and the code breakers are court astrologers, Nero’s secretary battles the prediction that he will murder the musical messiah he promised to protect.

The Secret Source

The Law of Attraction and its Hermetic Influence Throughout the Ages
Enlarged Edition

  • $19.95

Whence did the “Law of Attraction” emerge? Here’s a fascinating and easy-to-understand breakdown on esoteric metaphysics and its odd path to modern day cult.The Secret Source is enhanced by striking visuals largely taken from rare sources housed at The Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles. The new clothbound edition of The Secret Source includes a new chapter […]

The Source

The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13, and The Source Family

The Source
  • $24.95

It was 1972, time of the cult-occult-commune explosion. By day, the Source Family served organic cuisine to John Lennon, Julie Christie, Frank Zappa and others at the famed Source restaurant. By night, in a mansion in Hollywood Hills, they explored the cosmos through the channeled wisdom of their charismatic leader, Father Yod. Father was an outlandish figure who had 14 “spiritual wives,” drove a Rolls-Royce, and fronted the rock band Ya Ho Wa 13, now considered by collectors to be one of the most singular psychedelic bands of all time.